Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

Battle of Ypres. Shells being taken forward by pack mules. © IWM (Q 11761)
WarMule Wed, 02/04/2014 - 18:54

[1:30] A team of mules comes into view.

There's very little remaining today that marks Hell Fire Corner other than a small granite marker.

In 1919 these markers were positioned to show the furthest point advanced by the Germans.

The Battle of Passchendaele (or Third Battle of Ypres or "Passchendaele") was a campaign of the First World War, fought by the British and their allies against the German Empire.

The battle took place on the Western Front, between July and November 1917, for control of the ridges south and east of the Belgian city of Ypres in West Flanders, as part of a strategy decided by the Allies at conferences in November 1916 and May 1917.

3rd Battle Ypres 1917: WW1 Footage of Hell Fire Corner... then and now

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