Donkey and mule pack-transport carrying material for the construction of trenches on the Cividale Heights, Macedonia. © IWM (Q60335)
Dandylads Sat, 31/05/2014 - 12:08

Sun scorched morning
On a dusty trail
The living history lead us to new places
We saw you
looking so sad, feeling bad
Just so quick, a glance the nod of a head
We stopped
Walked to you
Then a boy
We talked in broken tongue
Knowing that there was work to be done
Now lead by us with a rope for a leash
We found you shade, water and food
Worked, beaten, hurt and lost spirit
But this amazing mule had spirit of mind
We left leaving money, food for him and the others
Knowing that this old war mule had a sanctuary for life
Find the shade, eat well and drink water
Enjoy life now away from the war

We were exploring southern Egypt and had stopped in Aswan for a few days when whilst out walking we saw a lead of donkeys walking along and they headed towards a compound that turned out to be Brooke Hospital and we saw the amazing work being carried out there. We were compelled to offer what help we could, we of course gave them money and we purchased fresh fruit and vegetables from the markets so we knew that they would eat well.

Seeing all of the donkeys reminded us troubles in the Middle East and how no doubt overworked these animals saved lives. They are war heroes so what better way than to be well cared for by some magnificent people.

I long for the day that we will return.

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Beyond what we see, in our waking moments, dreams are acted on. Let me show you the universal web of empathy. When one starts to give there is no death.

What a beautiful sincere poem this is, along with a touching and heartfelt story.

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