She is very stupid but I am very fond of her. © National Library of Scotland.
Jenny L. Bates Thu, 06/11/2014 - 16:29

if i write for You
i fear i will bind You to eternity
imagining Your immortality this way
haunts me like diminishing returns,
i can only see You in terms of
unbroken continuity
earned grief grows in a garden of loyalty
and i pick each blossom
like folding the pages of a life
not to be forgotten.
You tell me in silence
Listen for yourself
Every living thing you bring with you
i write in the afterglow
illuminated as i close a breathless book.

Remembering the remembered: As November 11th approaches I would like to say thank you to this website for all the research and information brought to light. And for all those human and animal who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so those who lived to celebrate can remember with gratefulness in their hearts.

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