Commemorative Ride

Event date: 
Sunday, 21 September, 2014
Wootton Courtenay, Minehead, Somerset

The Exmoor fundraising group of the Brooke Hospital for Animals are organising a Commemorative Ride to remember all the horses, mules and donkeys in the First World War. They will be riding through one of the Somerset Farms that took mules from America for rest and recuperation before going to the Front.

The ride will be approximately 10 and 15 miles through woods, open areas, public bridleways and private land. There will be some roadwork and horses/ponies should be fit enough for some hill work. No jumping.

This Commemorative Ride is to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the charity, which was started by Dorothy Brooke in 1934 to rescue all the old war horses who were left in Egypt after the First World War. It is also to remember all the horses, mules and donkeys who took part in the First World War. The ride will be going over farmland where in 1915 and 1916 mules who travelled by boat from America were rested and trained. They then continued their journey via the West Somerset Railway to the port of Avonmouth on their way to France.

Riders will receive a leaflet telling them the story about the mules from Minehead, with photographs and other information.

For further details and entry form, please download the Commemorative Ride Brochure which has a beautiful drawing of a mule and soldier by Kate Scurfield, artist, cartoonist and illustrator.

Entries Close: Friday 12th September 2014.